Happy Holidays: Say Thank You To At Least One Person Before This Year Ends


The year is coming to an end, can you believe it. Just yesterday we were mapping out the year, setting goals, gazing out over a vast, untrammelled stretch of time, and enjoying its many possibilities. Today I was speaking to our editor (ed.), discussing how to wrap up 2018.  Between that start and the finish, the year has yielded some exciting new directions for the industry and for how CSRNEWSSA will report its news in the coming year. The year may be over, but the journeys begun in 2018 are just beginning.  For that I am excited!

So as my ed. and I discussed a closing to the year, and I considered a hard-hitting piece on the state of CSI in SA today, I thought, ‘No. Let me just give thanks.’ Oliver brought a Twist to his MORE when he said PLEASE. ‘May I have MORE PLEASE’ –  showing gratitude.

Just the other day my eye fell upon an inspirational piece that said simply, ‘Be grateful,’ and that is how I wish us to close this year. There is nothing that we can change about 2018 now.  We can be grateful, however, for what we have changed and for what has changed us.  I read a saying the other day that said, ‘I am thankful for my struggles because without them I would not have stumbled into my strength.’

Those of us who are believers direct our gratitude first to our Creator, and it is to Him that we should give thanks – that we are alive, that our visions are growing and others thriving, and that some, if not all, goals set for 2018 were achieved….

For me personally what I was able to achieve in 2018:

I aimed to read a book a week this year – and did so. I aimed to lower my personal debt by 50% – and managed it. That is no small feat! That is enough to shout from the rooftops that change is possible, that goals can be achieved.

Together let us also give thanks for a deeper sort of change that took place; I was able to see events in our country with a different eye. We all have a role to play, and the picture of mine became sharper, clearer. I am very excited about the work of the CSI Council www.council.org.za  which I am to head – steering the CSI industry watchdog through this next phase of corporate social development in our country. Already I am reaping the benefit of knowledge and relationships built up over the years in the CSI space, and feel ideally positioned to take on this new challenge.

Let us remember to give thanks also for the little things that changed for the better. CSRNEWSSA’s new website took some effort, but the sweat and tears were worth it – as you can see our new website is live: www.csrnewssa.co.za.

I am pretty sure that just as my gratitude list is populated with big and small items, yours is, too. It’s all in how we look at things.  Many who hoped to see this year-end did not make it.  I have two such people in my very own family who did not see the end of this year – (one 90yrs of age and one three (3) short short years of age).  We’re alive and we have jobs. Those jobs are not guaranteed – nor is our health, our home or the presence of those we love. Let’s be thankful for every good thing in our lives, despite the many ‘not good’ things I am sure we could all list.

I always think every good thought should have its outworking – its practical expression. Gratitude kept abstract and locked up inside us is not much good to anyone. Why not pick up the phone and say thanks to someone – at least one person – before this year ends? Let them know their input in your life made a difference. There is nothing people like more than to feel noticed and appreciated – it means far more than all the gift-wrapped trinkets in the world.

‘When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.’ That may sound like meme-talk, but it happens to be true.

Blessings to all the CSI industry – whether corporate, consultant, looker-on, standby or NGO – and may we strive to do things with greater wisdom and compassion in the new exciting year ahead.

Finally, please note that we will be closed from 10 Dec – 03 Jan 2019.

Happy 2019 and May the Living God Bless Us All!

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