About Us

CSRNEWSSA is South Africa’s leading digital corporate social responsibility news publication, working alongside government, corporates, consultants, NPOs & NGOs to share, tell, empower and encourage South Africa’s do-good stories.  Our mission is to improve the practice of CSI in a changing South Africa. This mission influences how we approach development, what we do and what we believe is important.  Sustainable management and corporate social responsibility are among South Africa’s fundamental business values. CSRNEWSSA reports on the performance and challenges of companies in the areas of sustainability,  transformation and social justice.

Five years after founding, CSRNEWSSA has become known for doggedly investigating various matters, and for the dissemination of issues relating to community development, wealth and power. Specific projects include Funders Round South Africa, (an annual linking of funders and NGOs), Faces of CSI, (a print publication presenting the low-down on the state of CSI).

CSRNEWSSA’s online magazine features editorial pieces from across the globe with a biased focus on Africa and South Africa. It includes relevant content that speaks to South Africans about the role of corporates, small and large, in doing good.  CSRNEWSSA is South Africa’s first and only national CSI online digital publication localized for the South African executive and NGO.



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